Artist Statement

I used to resist articulating my experience in Northern Ireland. I struggle to comprehend the shadow of the Troubles that I have been born under.


Northern Ireland is a confusing country. My visual language aims to assist both my and the viewers' comprehension of its complex experience. My self-analysis focuses on the process of integration in a country still haunted by its past.


I have always been very concerned with my surroundings; I assume this is a result of navigating a combative environment. I use this awareness and my camera, to further examine elements of tension and ambiguity in my surroundings.


I take my images very impulsively. it is the only method I trust. I fool the part of myself that does not want to speak into communicating my experience. I confront the trouble that I have spent my life unsuccessfully trying to ignore.


I then analyse these images; there are unconscious repetitions, metaphors, and expressions of emotions that I read as articulations of the split culture of my country and identity.


I hope that viewers can find something universal in the particularities of my experience. I choose to read Northern Ireland in my images, but their metaphorical content could be applied to other, similarly complex and inexplicable, experiences.

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b. 2000, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.
Living and working between London and Northern Ireland.

Selections, Awards, Nominations

Wilson Centre for Photography Awards Winner 2021
FORMAT Graduate Award Winner 2021
Longlisted for the Photoworks Photography+ Graduate Issue 2021
Nominated for the Aesthetica Magazine prize
Selected for the Redeye Graduate Mentoring Programme 2021


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